Bolton Boccia Club

Bolton Boccia Club provides participants the opportunity to experience playing the game of Boccia in an informal setting.  Boccia is an indoor ball game that is played seated and consists of six red balls, six blue balls and one white ball called the Jack.  The aim of the game is to propel the six red and blue balls towards the Jack, using skill and strategic planning.  The sport is aimed towards ages over 7 and beyond.

The sport can be played as a leisure game or a competitive game, leading towards many competitions that are held around the country.  Boccia is a Paralympic game.

For those participants who are unable to physically throw the balls a ramp can be used.

All equipment to partake in this sport is provided.

The venue is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible toilet near the hall.

Sessions are run by a qualified Boccia coach.

Age 7 to 99 years
Cost £2.00
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