Bolton at Home

We are a registered charity providing social housing. We now own and manage more than 18,000 homes in the borough. We provide services including training, IT drop in, job seeking support and much more to communities around Bolton through our UCAN centres and neighbourhood management teams.
Our services include:

Family Intervention Service – provides floating support to families with anti-social behaviour problems that my put their tenancy at risk or have lost their tenancy due to anti-social behaviour.

Preventative and Enabling Service – provides floating support to vulnerable customers in their own homes, they will receive an average of 4 hours support a month which will vary dependant by the level and extent of their need. Any Tenure i.e. private/social rented, owner occupier

Support & Sustainment Teams – we provide a fully effective tenancy sustainment and support service to our customers through the active delivery of highly planned and directed housing advice, assistance, and support. We aim to promote success for tenants with their tenancy and give them a platform to address other challenging issues and circumstances within their lives.

Type of service: Support (Non-Accommodation), Short-Term Accommodation
Telephone Numbers: 01204 329542 or 01204 329861
Who is it for: Age Range: 18 and over.

Family Intervention Service- Resident of Bolton, at risk of losing tenancy due to asb or have lost tenancy due to asb, In need of Housing Related support.
Preventative and Enabling Service- Resident of Bolton, any tenure but has been a tenant for a minimum of 3 months. Property at risk without support.
We provide support, advice and assistance to customers who are vulnerable or in need.  We promote successfully sustained tenancies and communities.

How to access this service: Referral: Yes

Brief Description: A customer can self-refer – contact officer for referral form, if customer unable to complete assistance will be offered.  Professionals working with customer can complete referral.

Information required when applying for our service: Support & Sustainment Teams - A referral should be made by lead professions working with the individual or family & they are deemed as vulnerable and their tenancy may be at risk without support by completing our proforma.  Advocates working in the best interests of clients may also make referrals to our services.  Referrals are also made through divisions within Bolton at Home e.g. Income Management, Neighbourhood Safety Team, Tenancy Services, Tenancy Enforcement & Technical Services.  Clients need to be aware that there is a weekly service charge for these services.
Follow up services: If further support required after 12 months referrals completed for other support services.
Length of service delivery: Minimum length of service 3 months and maximum length of service 2 years.
Support & Sustainment Teams- The maximum length of service is usually 12 months, though this could be shorter if the tenancy is being conducted in a satisfactory manner and there are no further issues & the tenancy is no longer at risk.
Capacity of the service: Family Intervention Service - 22 families
Preventative and Enabling Service- 100 clients
Support & Sustainment Team - 40 cases per officer
Advice/Guidance this service can offer: Benefits, money, health, accommodation, mental health, substance misuse, domestic Violence, employment, confidence/self-esteem, life skills, rebuild family relationships, staying safe.

Additional Info:
Customer must be willing to engage with service, if the referral form is being completed by a Professional it must have a customer signature.

If the family are homeless or imminently homeless further discussions can be had regarding the creation of a FIT Tenancy.

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