NCT - Bolton & NW Manchester Branch

National charity that supports parents. We help over a million mums and dads each year through pregnancy, birth and early days of parenthood. We offer antenatal and postnatal courses, local events, support and reliable information to help all parents. Our helplines: Pregnancy & Birth Line - 0300 330 0772 You can call our Pregnancy & Birth Line if you have questions about issues relating to your pregnancy or birth, or if you want to chat about your experiences with a fully qualified antenatal teacher Breastfeeding Line - 0300 330 0771 Call our Breastfeeding Line to talk to a qualified breastfeeding counsellor for information and support to help you breastfeed successfully. We can also help if you are using formula or want to switch from formula to breastfeeding or breastfeeding to formula. If you have questions about starting your baby on solids or on stopping breastfeeding when the time comes we can help. Postnatal Line - 0300 330 0773 You can call our Postnatal line to speak to one of our postnatal leaders if you have any questions about life with a new baby. Shared Experiences Helpline - 0300 330 0774 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am – 3pm. Speaking to someone else who understands what you are going through can be a lifeline. Our helpline is run by volunteers who have had challenging experiences of pregnancy, birth and parenthood and can provide a listening ear and support for you. Topics include early miscarriage, postnatal depression, bereavement, stillbirth, disability, behavioural problems, sleep issues, colic, health problems and pregnancy after infertility. All calls are welcome

- Run by volunteers so please contact us and we will be back in touch as soon as possible

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