Bolton Council of Mosques

BCOM acts as a consultative body to a range of service providers in Bolton and has been providing some kind of service for the Muslim community for over 14 years. Representing all the 20 established mosques in Bolton with approximately 20,000 Muslims, BCoM is often seen as the gateway to the Muslim Community. It is an organisation that ensures that Muslims are represented at the highest levels, locally, regionally and indeed nationally. As members of the Local Strategic Partnership we are involved in contributing to the future of service provision in Bolton for all communities, established as well as new and emerging. BCoM represents a real opportunity to shape the provision of services to the Muslim community and for Muslims to contribute to the Bolton Family. BCoM is involved in a number of projects, including the provision of circumcision, clinics, burial facilities, mentoring and counselling, raising funds for those in need and at times of crisis, drugs work, young peoples pilgrimage package, advocacy and advisory projects, first aid courses, a community newsletter MRI Scanning facilities and much more. Developing a successful and self-conscious Muslim community that makes a full and valuable contribution to life in Bolton. BCoM works through a number of forums which has an involvement from individuals to a cross section of the community. Bolton Council of Mosques Youth Forum aims to tackle issues faced by young people by providing facilities, activities and events and opportunities to help realise their value and importance in society. BCoM aims to raise awareness of the different social problems that affect young Muslims and provide culturally sensitive guidance to young people. As an organisation it attempts to encourages young Muslims to develop peer-support networks and access specialist services and care for their social and mental wellbeing.

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