ACAE Specialist and Bespoke Autism Training

ACAE is a training and advocacy enterprise on autism and related conditions.  ACAE  utilises the skills and experience of its founding member who is a qualified trainer and has experience supporting people on the autism spectrum and related conditions (comorbidities).  This professional experience is complimented by over 10 years of personal experiences as a mother of two boys with diagnoses of autism.  Put together these experiences provide in depth knowledge presented in interactive and relaxed atmosphere.  Also uses real life examples and co-deliver with individuals on the autism spectrum whenever possible.  The course content is engaging with quizzes and questions, leaving you with information to go away and apply what you have learned or urge to find out more and research.

Training is delivered in various  forms and courses can be made bespoke to your service and setting needs for example, training for school staff, medical professionals, social care professionals, public places, leisure places, employers, justice systems, etc.  ACAE’s training team will speak and work with you to identify the needs of your staff and tailor training to equip them with increased understanding and tools to support service users more appropriately. Specialist & Bespoke Training Services

At ACAE we also deliver Positive Speaking about disability- This uses personal and professional experience and focus more on the positive aspects for people with disabilities, their families and others. The talks focus on positive, real examples and role models to challenge attitudes and what may be viewed as negative into a positive. For example:

  • Positive elements and benefits of employing people on the autism spectrum
  • Got the diagnosis/label use it as a key to opportunities, a gateway to support, understanding, etc.

In addition, at ACAE we are passionate and aware that there are differences that need to be taken into consideration while training and raising awareness.  We look at different backgrounds such as cultural, geographical and beliefs and how they impact on perspectives and understanding of invisible disabilities such as autism and mental health.  We aim to raise awareness, support and empower people from different backgrounds and support professionals so that there is mutual understanding thus leading to better support of vulnerable people.

For further information or any other queries please email us on and we will do our best to accommodate your training needs.

*All our training and courses can also be tailored and delivered at your own venue across the United Kingdom and abroad.

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