Drop-in Youth Club

Date: Monday 13 December   Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Cost: free - for everyone

    Age range: 13 - 19

  • Booking required: No
  • Referral criteria: Just come along

The drop in is open on a Monday and Wednesday. Each session has a set theme to allow for informal education to happen and to provide the young people with a variety of different activities. Mondays are the nights when we concentrate on arts and crafts. This can be something simple as making a card to more complex work including T-shirt design and graffiti décor.

Wednesday nights are the Music nights. Young people are invited to create their own music tracks, write music and record music. There is also the opportunity for the young people to take pert in singing lessons and perform their songs at YMCA events.

All of the activities are linked to the AQA award scheme to provide the young people with evidence of their participation of these activities. There is also an LGBTQ worker who attends sessions to give support and advice to the LGBTQ young people. There is also a well being worker who attends sessions to work with the young people who are having difficulties and need one to one care. Group chats are  available and the Well- being worker also holds work shops on mental well being including topics such as drug abuse, relationship advice, anxiety etc.

  • Special provisions:
    • No special provisions

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